Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Changing Names

We are changing our name from BlogOnWealth to:


Did you get married?  No - I'm already happily married.

Are you moving to Hollywood? No, but I have always wanted to know what Sting's real name was - Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner.  Now I get it!

Are you going pro?  A name change worked for Ali, not so much for Ron Artest.  Why did he change his name to Metta World Peace?  I will let him explain.  Still don't get it.

We are changing our name because we screwed up and let our GoDaddy domain registration expire!

If you want to continue to read our blog you have three options.

1.) Read the blog on  The Wealth Consigliere Website

2.)  Subscribe by email.  You will receive an email invitation later today or you can subscribe on The Wealth Consigliere Website

3.)  Subscribe by RSS.

Hope you stay with us.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Jeff, I enjoy the blog and will continue reading it. A point of grammar, albeit Italian grammar, is that if you mean the name to be plural, it should be "consiglieri".....great name though, should open up an interesting new client base....

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Randy?

Jeff Spears said...

Randy is now working with Sharespost.

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